Making Your Cleaning Business Plan

by admin on August 9, 2012

How To Start a Cleaning Business

So you’re ready to start your cleaning business? You know that your best bet is to make a proper business plan but…

Ugh, it’s just so annoying. It takes time. It can be confusing. There’s so much stuff in it that you’ll probably never use.

Yes, all of the above is true. I’m an impatient type of person that – when I get an idea in my head – I just want to get started immediately.

Nevertheless, making a proper plan is the best thing you can do for your cleaning business. If you want to get a loan for your cleaning business – obviously – it’s vital. But even if you don’t, having a document that lays out your business strategy, and that you can keep coming back to, is invaluable as you push forward into this new territory.

This series of posts is going to take you through the process of building your own cleaning business plan. Because let me be clear… You can’t just download a template on this. Each cleaning business is different, and you have to know why your business is different and how it will continue to be different… after all, that’s how you’ll make money. [click to continue…]