Starting A Cleaning Business, Step By Step Guide

by admin on July 26, 2012


Welcome to!

My name’s Andrew, and I’ve been working for myself now for the past 6 years.

Let me just tell you before we start… everything you imagine your life to be when you’re free from a “JOB”, when you’re setting your own hours, when you have no income ceiling, when you can take holidays whenever you wish…

However amazing you’ve imagined that to be… once you get there, it’s better. I promise you that. (I say that to you from a beach in Thailand right now. My wife and I decided to take a couple months “off” work this year and just enjoy our lives. Photo below :) )

I frequently say that having the privilege of living your life completely free of obligation, free of domination, free of overpowering influences and living with the ability to steer your own ship towards your own goals… is the most precious gift you can receive in this life.

Don’t get me wrong… this is going to be HARD work. You’re going to have to earn that privilege. But I’ve seen enough people start out on this path to know that if you’re committed and you really want this, ANYONE can make a cleaning business work for them… with the right help that is.

Anyway, let’s get stuck right into this…

How You Start A Cleaning Business From Scratch

You want to start a cleaning business? You’ve made a bold move. Most people won’t be willing to be as brave as you’ve been in even looking into this possibility. Many are stuck in their daily routines, “comfortable” with the way things are, with not enough motivation to take on the “discomfort” of trying something new that could change their lives forever.

And not only a bold move, but a smart move…

- Statistics show that cleaning services are a $46 billion dollar industry in the US…

- A £1 billion pound industry in the UK…

And that more and more people are using this industry as a vehicle for their own freedom than ever before. Can you blame them?

It’s a business where you can choose your own level of income and your own lifestyle.

You want to build a million dollar empire, it’s possible…

You want to set yourself up with a full time income for only working a couple days a week… it’s possible.

At this website, we’re going to go step by step through the process of starting a cleaning business, from scratch, even if you have no prior experience (the people who’ve been the most successful in this business HAVEN’T had prior experience). When anything comes up you don’t understand, feel free to leave a comment and we’ll try to get back to you.

We’ll cover many parts of the process from initial “pre startup” analysis, to establishing your operations, creating systems, marketing your business, making it scalable (so you can expand one day to beyond just “you” and free up your time completely), keeping your customers, boosting your revenue per customer, and so much more.

If it sounds like a lot to learn, and a bit intimidating… DON’T WORRY! It’s not. None of this requires a college education or any great intelligence at all. Anyone can do this stuff… it’s just a matter of putting the pieces together one at a time.

Along the way, we’ll also recommend important pieces of knowledge, and resources that will help you on your journey. In this business, knowledge is power, and knowing the right thing – that’s tested and proven by experience – can be the difference between success and failure. Keep an eye out for those recommendations and take them when they feel right to you.

The first step we’re going to look at is “pre startup” analysis, which includes asking questions and deciding whether this is the right business for you, deciding if your local area is a profitable enough area for this business, and more.

If you have already decided that a cleaning business is for you, and you want to jumpstart this thing and start making money on it as quickly as possible… Click Here For Every Single Thing You’ll Need To Do That

OR, if you’re still feeling this business out, and you want to undertake the Pre Cleaning Business Startup Analysis… Click Here To Start With Step 1: Pre Cleaning Business Analysis


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