Step 1: Pre-Startup Analysis – Is A Cleaning Business For You?

by admin on July 26, 2012

Starting a Cleaning Business

Here’s the truth: A lot of people get into a cleaning business imagining that it will be a certain way; that their day to day life will be a certain way when they’re doing it. And if the reality doesn’t match up with that picture they had, they get discouraged and they quit.

That’s the situation (obviously) we need to avoid.

So for you to be successful at this business… for it to really create the lifestyle you imagine, you have to know exactly what a cleaning business involves, exactly how your life will be AND… you have to know that getting into a cleaning business will actually be profitable for you.

That’s all part of “Pre Startup Analysis”. 

Keep in mind that during this step, you shouldn’t get too excited about the idea of having a cleaning business. You might find out through this analysis (if you do it honestly) that this business isn’t for you. Don’t force answers that fit with your existing emotional connection to having this kind of business. Try to answer them dispassionately.

But regardless, this page will help you do that analysis and find out for sure. Ask yourself each of the questions below… take your time in working out the answers, and hopefully I’ll see you on the other side!

Question 1: How Does This Lifestyle Sit With You?

Start a Cleaning Business

You obviously already know that if you were to have this business, your day to day work (your day to day life) would be cleaning people’s houses, or offices. That’s vacuuming, mopping, wiping, dusting, scrubbing and whatever else there may be at any given job.

Even if you choose for your business to be but a few days a week – silly as it might be to repeat – that’s what you’re going to be doing with your time for those days, and until (if you so choose) you get the business to the point where you manage and others do the cleaning for you.

Cleaning is cleaning, it’s never going to be the most fun work, but some people hate it more than others. Can you realistically see yourself doing that for work for at least the first 6-12 months, possibly longer?

If you can picture it and it doesn’t bother you (or if it’s better than your existing job!) then that’s a great first step.

Reality is that there are more fun elements to the work as well. You meet people, you build relationships with clients, you get into interesting conversations sometimes, and… well all the other benefits that come with working for yourself (like when you finish a job, your work is OVER for the day… you don’t take it with you into the evening and into your personal life).

If all of this sits fine with you, you’re ready for question 2!

Question 2: Are You In The Right Position Personally & Financially?

Here’s another thing that most “how to start a business” experts won’t tell you:

To start a successful business, your life right now has to match a couple of criteria. One of those criteria is your financial situation.

If you’re starting a cleaning business, it’s going to either be a case where you quit your existing work (if you have it) to start on your business full time… or you start on your business in your spare time, while you continue working your other job: The goal of this being to build your foundation and only quit when your cleaning business is able to at least partially support you.

So if you’re in category one… where you’re thinking about going full time with your cleaning business right off the bat, there’s one word: savings.

Have you got savings that you can live on while you’re growing your business? You can grow your income pretty quickly with your cleaning business, but it doesn’t happen overnight. If you don’t have the savings to sustain you for at least a few months while you’re building up your new business, it is always best to wait until you do.

If you’re in category two… where you’re thinking about starting your cleaning business in the spare hours you have from your other job, there’s also one word: time.

How much time do you have to commit to your cleaning business outside of your job? You’ll need at least a few hours a day, whether they’re in the morning or the evening. Most residential cleaning clients you’ll book will want through the day cleaning, and most commercial cleaning clients will want after hours cleaning.

If you have a few hours a day and you can use them on your business without killing yourself (can be tough if your current job is physically taxing) then you’re in the right situation to start a cleaning business. It’s not as important for you to have savings, because you’ll slowly grow your cleaning biz income while retaining the security of your existing job.


What are your other obligations in life? Things that require your time day to day that you can’t avoid? This can be family obligations, medical obligations, or any other.

Needless to say, the fewer you have the better, but at the same time, there’s no perfect scenario. Many people with huge external obligations have made cleaning business work, it’s just more challenging the more obligations you have.

If you’ve comfortably ticked the boxes here, you can move to question 3! Click Here To Continue The Analysis With Question 3 & 4…

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