Step 2: Establishing Your Cleaning Business Goals

by admin on July 30, 2012

Start a Cleaning Business

Ok, so I hit you with the hard stuff first… I made you question your motives,  I made you consider the brutal reality…

If you’re still with me, it’s time to change gears… It’s time to get excited about this :)

The next step in your process is to decide on what kind of business you want. Not what kind of things you want to clean, but what relationship you want to have with your business.

Right here, this is the greatest benefit of the “own business” lifestyle… YOU’RE designing it, exactly how YOU want it. You’re not going to be forced into anything by some uncaring “boss” any longer. You’ll be the captain of your ship from here on out.

So there are two decisions you have to make at this step…

1. What is your goal level of income: You’ll approach this business different depending on your goal level of income so it’s absolutely vital to understand what that is right from the start.

2. What amount of time do you desire to spend on your business: How many hours per day, how many days per week, and whether you want to run the show yourself for the forseeable future, or eventually step back and hand some of the work to someone else.

So, one at a time…

Your Goal Level Of Income

Starting a Cleaning BusinesIt’s a fun question to ask.

“In the perfect world, what is our desired level of income?” Keeping in mind that the higher your number, the harder and longer you’ll likely have to work.

To answer this well, you have to work backwards from your lifestyle. What are your current living expenses, week to week? That has to be your starting point. That’s the bottom. You can’t go lower than that.

Then, what would be the desired “extras” in your life? What else would you like to have the money to do?

If it’s travel, how much travel? How many holidays would you like per year? If it’s entertainment, how much entertainment would you like? How many dinners out would be ideal for you, each week?

Is there something else you’re really passionate about, say, owning a boat, or a car, or your house in the future? Factor that into the equation too.

The idea here is to come at this question rationally. Everyone would like to have a million dollars a year in income, but not as many of us would like to have the lifestyle that inevitably accompanies that level of income.

“Decide on the lifestyle and  the things that are important to you first, then decide on what level of income is required for it.”

Most people realize going through this process that they don’t in fact need near as much money as they expected… that if they had say $60,000 a year and the TIME (so important) to actually spend it well, they could live a life happier than they’d ever imagined.

Run the numbers for yourself, have this big important conversation, and see what comes out.

Your Desired Lifestyle

Cleaning BusinessRunning along side your level of income is your desired lifestyle. Another fun question you get to ask right now is:

“In the perfect world, how much time would I spend on my income generating activities?”

Cleaning is few people’s passion. You’re getting into this business because of the benefits it will give you during the time when you’re NOT cleaning things. You have to decide how much time you want to spend generating an income, and how much time you want to spend enjoying the fruits of your labor.

Of course there’s a trade off here. At first, the more hours you spend, the more money you’re going to make. But if you know your income goals well, based on the questioning above, you’ll know just how many hours you need to spend generating that income (based on some calculations we’ll provide in the coming steps).

So here’s an example…

Let’s say you decide that your desired level of income is $50, 000 a year. About $1000 a week.

But you decide that you only want to spend 4 hours a day working. That’s fine, it can be done. You just have to plan for it. Maybe you’ll need to put in more hours in the beginning, establish your systems, and quickly work toward bringing on your first employee in order to free up your time.

Let’s say your desired level of income is just $35,000 a year after tax. About $670 a week.

And you decide that you only want to spend 4 hours a day working. Then your plan might involve focusing on high value business/office clients where you charge a high rate, but you only do one of them per day. There could be your 4 hours of work a day, and your desired level of income.

Establishing A Timeframe

That’s the last point. By what date would you like to have reached these goals? Your answer to this will determine your course of action too. If you’re planning to meet a certain goal (of income and time worked) within 2 years, you’re might pursue it quite differently to if you want to achieve the same goal within 1 year.

Make some firm decisions on that, and let it guide your planning over the coming steps.


We will get to plans more fully later, but at this step, you just need to have concrete ideas in your mind about how much money you want to make, and how much time IDEALLY, you’d like to spend on your business (keeping in mind that initially you made need to spend more in order to get you to that perfect point). These points of data will be what guide your plans into for the cleaning business from now into the future.

When you are clear about these things in your head, you’ve set yourself up for success with this business because you understand perfectly what success is for you.

And now you know that, we can start moving towards it… one step at a time :)

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